The System

Audition Page

The System is a 10 page short film, which is expected to be shot in 2 to 3 days over a weekend in the Tri-Cities, Washington State. The film will be submitted to several film festivals worldwide.

Choose the side(s) for the character(s) for which you wish to audition.

You may record and upload two different auditions for the same character, in the same video file. Make them different. You may audition for any character which you feel you could play.

SLATE: Your name, Agent if any, City where you live, Who you are reading for, Left, right full-body profile.

Edit and Name your file: YourName-Charactername.extention  i.e. JohnDoe-Doctor.mp4

Once you have your selftape(s) edited, upload Here before July 10th,11pm.



Mr.Stamper: And old worn man, having worked on his farm for decades. No fuss, down to earth. The grandfather who gives no-nonense advise. Choose one or both. SIDES SIDES

Doctor: Male. Mid 40’s-50’s. Very confident. Truly cares for his patients, but must attend to many patients everyday, which can make him seem uncaring. SIDES

Nurse: 25-50 years-old. There are several nurses in this story. He/she is professional, to the point, and caring. SIDES

Interns: Any sex. Near 30 years-old, professional students, soon to be professional doctors. SIDES

NOTE: AT LEAST ONE INTERN MUST BE FROM INDIA OR AFRICA. Or at least have a natural accent.

Anticipated shoot dates are October 8th and 9th.

Actors will receive a stipend up to $100 and reel. If travelling to the Tri-Cities, a fuel stipend will be considered.