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We began producing home and property real estate video tours, here in the Tri-City area, back in 2009. We mainly work with high end homeowners and businesses to produce attractive and professional video tours and marketing content.

Owner Bryan McGlothin has been working in the motion picture business since 1995, and our experience enables us to produce a product for our clients that is not just a walk-through and flyover of your home, but an emotional, attention grabbing motion picture.

Bryan has been a professional actor for over 20 years, and has been an acting coach since 2009. We can help you with your talent needs.

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We can create the home tour and company videos, which will hold your audience’s attention, move them emotionally, and move them to act.

We can create the video to make your music pop!

Bryan and Ethan are Hanford approved contractors.

Give us a call! We can handle your media needs!

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Some of our recent work

Home video tours that truly move potential clients.

Your songs are lifted to a higher note with the visualization of our professional, story-driven music videos.

Head shots to help you get the part.

“Properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten.”

William Bernbach

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Real estate home tours

A home purchase is an emotional one. When we watch movies, we identify with a character. As your potential client views our home tour stories with actors, they will become emotionally involved and moved toward a purchase.

Music videos

Working with Ethan Shotz of Shotz Mulimedia, we can bring the creative spark and professional experience to make your music shine on the screen!  

We’re a Small media company serving south central Washington state


River Road Media

Look for more demos coming soon!

River Road Media

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Short films

For movie projects, we team up with Shotz Multimedia. Together we have the equipment, experience and talent to fulfil your project needs.

Acting training

Bryan has been teaching Acting For The Camera at Columbia Basin College since 2009.  He also offers private lessons.

Hanford contractor

We are an approved Hanford contractor. Bryan has worked as an actor in the Hanford area, for companies like Bechtel National, Inc..,Mission Support Alliance, LLC., and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Author and Writer

Bryan is a published author and has had several stage plays produced in Houston, Texas. Take a look at Bryan’s personal web page!

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